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this book is about a black family that loves basketball especilly there sons they play on a basketball team at there high school there both twins there nicknames are j.b and mc filthy mc thilfy got mad at his brother and almost broke his nose after there that starded having heart atacks thats when the brothers stoped talking to mc thilfy. then his dad died
Beneath my mother's feet
Amjed Qamar
Great Young Adult Read! I love reading multicultural material! Very insightful and moving
Time Stops for No Mouse
This is an exciting book about a casual mouse, a cosmetic typhoon, a sinister plastic surgeon, and a squad of lab rats.

Hermux Tantamoq, is an everyday mouse who's schedule is working at his watch shop then going home to his ladybug, Terfle. Nothing superbly interesting. That changes when daredevil aviatrix, Linka Perflinger drops off her watch, and steals his heart. After repairing her watch a shady rat tries to steal it, and Hermux knows that something is wrong. Will Hermux ever get the watch back to Linka? Or not?
Read to find out!