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Less than a week left to finish your reading! Read and record 6 books by August 13th and win terrific prizes!

Wednesday, August 13th from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm. Celebrate another great summer of reading at the end of summer reading outdoor fair! Featuring polynesian dance with Laura Matta at 11:00am and a puppet workshop with Sue Klau at 12:00pm. Readers who completed the summer reading program will receive a certificate, free book, Fizz, Boom, Read! pencil and Fizz, Boom, Read! doorknob hanger. Grand prizes will be awarded. Come for food, activities and fun! Held in Aquidneck Park outside the library. All ages.
This book is about a boy named Percy Jackson and how he saved the world. Percy's school year stared out fine up until his class went on a feild trip where his undercover teacher pulled Percy into a room and reveled her true self. A monster. When Percy's mom found out about the teacher they got in to the car and raced to camp half blood (kids who have one god parent and and one human parent) but the menitar captured Percy's mom and after only a few days of training Percy and 2 friends set out on a quest to get Percy's mom back and Zeus'es (the god of the sky) master bolt back
Percy Jackson and the olympians lighting theft
Rick Riordan
A beautiful book about animal in the seasons.
City Dog, Country Frog
Mo Willems
Favorite Thing?
they meet again and play City Dog games.