Event Type: Science & Math (STEM)
Age Group(s): Elementary School Age, Teens
Date: 6/16/2018
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
 Audience: Students ages 6 - 15 years old, but adults are welcome to participate withtheir children. There will be 3 classes events, it is recommended to attend all three events.

Class 1 of 3: (June 16 ) Brains brains brains!
Make clay brains - fish, reptiles, birds, cat/dog and human.-
Learn about the structure/function of different part of your brain
Why are they different? How do they work?.
Surprise the Broca's area to get the attention needed.

Class 2 of 3: (June 23) How does my brain work and just how fast is it?
Learn about techniques that measure brain function
Cortical Map: Homunculus
Peripheral and autonomous nervous system
What are neurons and how they communicate
Why neurons release different neurotransmitters?
Make a giant Neuron

Class 3 of 3: (June 30) How children and adults develop!
This final event ties the prior two classes together
You will learn how children and adults develop! Yes - there is physiology behind how
and why we learn.
How simple connections between neurons can differentiate us as individuals?
Why making mistakes is good for our brain and can make us smarter?
How making mistakes improve our working memory?
What is growth mindset and why should we embrace it?
Library: Rockville Memorial    Map
Presenter: Rockville Science Center